Urgent Volunteer Needs

This is where we will post urgent event needs. Please reach out to anyone on the board if you have an urgent volunteer need and want it posted here.

Yearbook needs photos

Please take pictures at the school and at events and email them to yearbook@northhillptsa.org, or check out the webpage for specific needs.

Please reach out to yearbook@northhillptsa.org if you are intersted and want more details about the yearbook.

Girls Softball needs coaches

Please contact Agni Hines for more info. Practice is M/W.

Girls on the Run needs coaches

Please contact Terri Ainardi. Practice is at North Hill Elem after school, March through May.

Memberplanet Administrator (Membership Coordinator)

The board really needs someone to own our Membership Planet account, learn how the system works, set it up properly for the PTSA as a whole. We know we can leverage the email system, as well, but we don’t know how. Please reach out to Chariti: secretary@northhillptsa.org if you’re interested!

Website supporting admin

The website needs people to build posts about content, update pages, etc. If you don’t know wordpress, no problem! I’m happy to give an overview. Please contact Chariti: secretary@northhillptsa.org

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